Same-Day Teeth: Discover Trefoil Full-Arch Dental Implant Restoration

Trefoil full-arch dental implantsl

For over forty years, dental implants have transformed the lives of people with missing teeth by offering them a solution that is more comfortable, secure and reliable than traditional dentures. Now more than ever before, advancements in dental technology has made it possible for patients to receive their dental implants on the same day as their office visit.

The most popular same-day dental implant procedure has been the All-on-4 technique where four titanium implants are inserted into each jaw, and act as a foundation for a bridge as a new set of natural looking teeth is added. Trefoil, on the other hand, is supported by three strategically placed dental implant posts. The posts are attached to a highly resilient titanium bar that allows your dentist to place your natural looking denture on the same day as your implant treatment.


Benefits of The Trefoil System


Are You a Candidate for Trefoil?

Ideal candidates for the Trefoil full-arch dental restoration procedure have a jaw bone structure that can fit a pre-determined implant position. Patients with V-shaped or narrow jaw bones may not be the ideal candidate as there must be enough space between the three dental implant posts. Fortunately for those patients, the All-on-4 treatment can be a better alternative.

As is with any dental procedure, a consultation with your dentist will help determine what treatment option works best for you. At Le Chabot Dental, we offer free 3-D CT scans for all new patients interested in having dental implants.



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