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If you’re missing any teeth, you know what an enormous difference it can make in your daily life. Not only can it be harder to eat, but you may find yourself smiling and interacting with less confidence. Implant-supported dentures, also known as overdentures, are an ideal solution for many patients affected by tooth loss. At Le Chabot Dental in San Leandro, California, dental implant expert Dr. Andy Le provides comprehensive restorative services, including implant-supported dentures. To learn more, call or book your appointment online today.

Implant Supported Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are a removable dental appliance with artificial teeth that are designed to both replace missing teeth and blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Dentures are one of the best restoration options for patients who’ve lost all or most of their teeth, either from advanced gum disease, severe tooth decay, or injury.

Fixed dentures, which only a dentist can remove, aren’t as common as removable dentures, which you can take out yourself for daily at-home cleanings.


What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are a complete, removable appliance that fits over dental implants that have been surgically anchored in your jawbone. Also known as overdentures, implant-supported dentures are far more stable than conventional dentures because they’re fully secured.

By comparison, conventional or complete dentures just sit over your bare gums, making them more prone to slipping or shifting out of place. Partial dentures, which are used to restore a group of missing teeth across your upper or lower jaw, is a type of denture that attaches to your natural teeth to stay firmly in place.


Am I a good candidate for dentures?

Because the technology used to make dentures is highly flexible, they’re an ideal solution for a variety of problems related to missing teeth. And like dental implants, crowns, bridges, and other restorative dental solutions, implant-supported dentures are custom-fitted to your mouth and are incredibly durable.

If you’re missing most of your teeth, Dr. Le can explain your restoration options after a comprehensive oral exam. Whether dentures offer the best solution or something else does, he’ll explain all your options, let you know what you can expect from each one, and help you make an informed choice.


How do I take care of my dentures?

Cleaning your implant-supported dentures as recommended helps keep them in the best condition so they’ll last as long as possible.

Always be sure to rinse your dentures before you brush them, as this helps remove any loose food particles that may scratch the surface of the dentures. You should also use a soft-bristled brush, and a non-abrasive paste specifically made for dentures to prevent staining, and remove any remaining food residue.

When you’re not wearing your dentures, it’s important to put them in a soaking solution or water. That’s because dentures that aren’t kept moist lose their shape and no longer fit in your mouth.

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