All-on-X Implants

Dr. Andy Le offers special all-on-X implant-supported dentures to help you replace entire arches of teeth. This is a minimally invasive procedure that is more affordable and takes less time than traditional denture treatments. Our implant specialist will go over your options to see if you are a candidate, based on the size and shape of your gums and mouth.

Dr. Le will start by surgically placing a strategic number of dental implants into your jaw. The common number of implants is four, though more may be determined according to your specific case. These implant posts will help anchor the denture in place and make it more secure than a regular adhesive. Usually, your dentures will be fixed atop the implants the same day as your treatment.

All-on-X implant-supported dentures have proven a phenomenal treatment for those replacing entire rows of teeth. They are more secure, allowing for a longer-lasting treatment than traditional dentures, which need to be readjusted every few years. You have improved oral functions immediately, thereby improving your quality of life. There is also no bone graft required, allowing for a shorter, less invasive treatment.

We invite you to come to Le Chabot Dental to see if you are a candidate for our all-on-X implants in San Leandro, California. Contact us at 510-276-5533 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Andy Le.