Implant Dentistry

At Le Chabot Dental, we offer special dental implant treatment from our implant specialist to help you replace missing teeth. We also offer 0%-interest financing for our implant services so that everyone can receive the care they need at an affordable price. Come see us to discuss your specific dental needs and how Dr. Andy Le can help treat you with our implant dentistry in San Leandro, California.

Dental Implants Q&A

What are dental implants?
Dental implants are types of dental restorations that are meant to replace your entire tooth, both the root and the crown. The implant post is usually made of titanium or another biocompatible material that will be embedded into your jaw so that it can integrate with the bone tissue. This will provide stimulus to the tooth roots in the jaw and prevent bone loss. Then, we will place a dental crown over the titanium post to protect it from damage and decay. The crown will look like a natural tooth that will blend in with the rest of your beautiful smile.

Dental implants are one of the most commonly requested offerings of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. In addition to being strong, stable and permanent, they also blend in perfectly with your natural teeth, making them ideal for filling gaps to restore your smile.

Dr. Le also offers standard dental implants as well as specialized solutions, including All-on-4® implants and mini implants.

All-on-4 implants
All-on-4 is an alternative dental implant solution that is ideal for patients with low bone density or volume. It is also an excellent option for patients with dentures who have experienced complications such as poor bite function, increased risk of gum disease and frequent replacement.

Whereas single implants can require multiple surgeries, All-on-4 can be completed in one visit without bone grafting or sinus augmentation. It also has minimal recovery time and can have lower overall costs compared to conventional implant procedures.

Mini implants
These small implants are often the best option for patients with smaller teeth and incisors. Mini dental implants can also be ideal for front teeth, premolars, or teeth situated in narrow areas.

With mini implants, you can expect the procedure and recovery time to be quicker than traditional dental implants because they are placed into the bone without affecting any sensory nerves.

Who can get dental implants?
Patients who have not suffered extensive bone loss and retain healthy gums are able to receive a dental implant. If you have suffered bone loss, your jaw may not be strong enough to support a dental implant post; in which case, we suggest receiving a bone graft before continuing with your implant treatment.

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